Lakota Sioux Nordvold

Special Project: 
Clean Water 106 Manager

Cody was born in Fort Defiance, Arizona to Blaine and Linda Nordvold.  She has two beautiful children, Tons and April.  She attended school at Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City majoring in accounting.  She also earned a degree in Ranch Management and is a certified Detention Officer.

Cody was the 1990 C.R.S.T. Rodeo Queen and Runner-up in the Faith Stock Show Rodeo Queen contest in 1991.  She has been on PBS with her father reciting Cowboy Poetry and has also modeled for the Navajo Nation Tourism calendar in 1993.  She also models clothes at the Black Hills Stock Show for Faye Reeves and Madonna Thunder Hawk.

Cody likes working outside, riding horses, playing with children, and many other things to numerous to list.  She would like to start Indian dancing and learn the Lakota and Navajo language (she is half Navajo) so that her children, nieces, and nephews will be more involved in the Lakota and Navajo way of life than she was.

Cody started working as the Special Project Clean Water 106 Manager in August of 2001.  She enjoys her job very much since 50% of her time is spent working outdoors.  Cody's duties include:  catching fish for mercury sampling, recording information on fish specimen, maintaining cuff accounts, writing monthly and quarterly reports to name a few.  Her favorite aspect of the EPD is "the people I work with.  They are very helpful, friendly, funny and easy to get along with."