CRST Department of Environment in Natural Resources

106 Water Quality Summer Workshop


The CRST EPD 106 Water Quality Program held a summer workshop for high school students June 17-21, 2002 The workshop educated students on water quality, water resource management, water conservation, environmental damage prevention and effective remediation efforts. Students were given hands on experience in the field with EPD Water Quality Staff and learned about water quality monitoring, including principles of groundwater flow and discharge, macro invertebrate sampling, and proper methods of water sampling.
Students visited several watersheds on the reservation and learned how the DENR staff monitor the health of a watershed by evaluating riparian habitat (plant life), human and animal usage, and erosion. Students also learned how to identify different species of plants, macro invertebrates, soil types and other factors relevant to maintaining a healthy creek, stream, lake, or pond. The purpose of this workshop was to increase youth awareness and involvement in environmental protection while, creating student interest in the fields of environmental and natural sciences.
The Department of Environment in Natural Resources would like to thank the following individuals for their involvement: The Students, Mark Peacock, Workshop Instructor and David Pesiscka, NRCS Tribal Liaison. Mark Peacock has been teaming with the 106 Water Quality Program to increase the overall understanding of the surface He would like to thank Lyle Smith and his staff for their dedication to the education of our students and for the fine job they do. Look for other educational opportunities for your student offered by the CRST DENR.